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Morrissey Solo banner created by Jamie Charman (          



Douglas Coupland                - The site of the best selling author of Generation X, Girlfriend In A Coma, All Families Are Psychotic, and most recently Hey, Nostrodomus (to name a few of his works)

Jon Paul Fiorentino                - The site of Canadian poet, friend, and fellow Morrissey fan.  Check out his poetry, and then buy a book of two.

Famous When Dead                - A great band from France featuring Aubry Gillio on guitar (Aubry is a friend and fellow tape trader).

The Happy Prince                     - A Morrissey site created by Karen Head, a very good friend of mine. Check it out to see some nice pictures, and a nice exposure to Oscar Wilde.

Longworth Retirement Village   - I work at Longworth as the Office Manager.

Sifton Properties Limited            - Sifton is the owner of Longworth Retirement Village.  I have worked for Sifton for the past 5 years.




That's all the links for now, but check back again sometime, I'll be adding more for time to time.