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Tape Trading Rules

Here are the trading rules, They are more of a guide of tape trader courtesies, which most traders expect.

1) Use high bias tapes only. I use Maxell XL II or TDK SA. But any type II tape will be fine.

2) When taping - no high speed dubbing and no Dolby NR please. Both mess up the tape quality.

3) ALWAYS include a set list with all the pertinent information, ie. Date of the show, venue, songs played

4) Labels and cases. I have been finding it alot easier and cheaper not to send these, so just to hang on to both of these. Just send the tape and the setlist / or picture sleeve if you have one made. (Unless we agree otherwise)

5) Ship in a padded envelope to prevent to tape being damaged in transit.

6) Please be expedient. There is nothing worse than waiting more than a month for a tape you traded for, especially when you sent your part of the trade off in the first few days. As a rule I will send tapes within 2 or 3 days of establishing a trade, depending on how big the trade is and what is agreed upon.

OK then, with all that out of the way... LETS GET TRADING

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