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The Smiths and Morrissey Tape Traders List 

(Including traders of CD's, CD-R's and Videos)

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of trading initially. Which is why I have decided to put together a traders list. Here you will find a list of people I have traded with in the past, as well as any traders who have asked to be on the list, or those I know to be traders. Some have a website, others just email. Also I've added a section at the bottom for bad traders, please pay attention to these names, they ripped me off and I don't want them to do the same to you. In any case, here it is:
Fernando Akira de Almeida @kiraware - The Smiths & Morrissey Cdr Bootlegs
David Amor 
Walter Brown Waltark's Trading Page
Andy Buckeridge
Oscar Carranza
Steve Catterall Soundsville International
Omar Colin     Omar's Trading Page
Fabio D'Antonio Speedway  tapes for sale only
Ian Edwards
Angel Everett
Emmanuel Fiani     Tape Traders Of The World, Unite
Ian Gair Guilt By Implication
Garry Garry's Morrissey / Smiths Site
Brian Gemborys Brian's Morrissey Trading Page
Aubry Gillio
Rueben A. Gonzalez
Fabian Graciano BRP Records
Rodney Grim The Home Page of Rodney Grim
Dave Hamblen
Raul Herrera Raul & Mariya  
Barry Jemson
Nick Kleczeski Smiths/Morrissey Videos For Sale Or Trade
Chad Kowalski
Shawn and Emily Krueger Shawn and Emily's Home Page
Chris Kushmider The Rain Falls Hard On A Humdrum Town
Daisy Lacy Practicing Troublemaker
Torr Leonard
Adam Lupercio
Michael McDaniel Michael G's Mozz / Smiths Trading page
Eric Meisberger
Miroslav Mihailovic
Chris Morrill csmorrill@hotmail.coml
Mozchildren (Toni & Alan)
Diogo Neto
Karsten Olesen Oye Esteban
Jeff Pelletier
Phillip Sing Your Life music trade page
Kristin Pradlik Mrs. Shankly's Trading Page
Nick Pryde
Rob Radel
Chris S.
Jean-Baptiste Savoja Trade
Greg Svitil
Mitchell VandenHeuvel The Disc Trader
David Vazquez Team Arsenal
Matti Viitanen
Ed Watson
WaywardAngel Illness As Art
Jason Willis A Swallow On My Neck
Aaron Zedonis Aaron's Morrissey Trading Page